5 Reasons why do I love Smoothies

Yes, I am among those thousands of people who love having smoothies for breakfast. In fact, I am so addicted to these nutrition-packed drinks that my day does not seem to go right if it starts without a big glass of cold smoothie! My passion for smoothies is by no means restricted to the start of the day. I make them whenever I feel hungry, whether it’s morning, evening or the middle of the night. You can pack so many nutritious elements in one glass that you cannot possibly consume if you were to eat the ingredients raw or in any other form.

If your new year’s resolution was to start eating healthy and restrict yourself to homemade food, smoothies are an excellent way to start. You don’t have to spend hours finding a recipe and then some more hours preparing it in the kitchen. You only have to take out your smoothie blender, throw some fruits, vegetables, milk or yogurt, sugar or any sweetener you like, nuts too if you want and blend them! Ta Da!! All done. Now enjoy your glass with a good movie!

Here are all the reasons why I love smoothies and why you should love them too:

Quick and easy to make:

Probably one of the primary reasons why many people prefer having smoothies for breakfast, especially on weekdays, is that they take very little time to prepare as compared to most other foods. You simply need to cut some fruits coarsely and add them to the smoothie blender along with a couple of more things. Blend for a while and it’s done. If you are keeping count, it will take less than 5 minutes to get the whole thing done.

Taste great:

Convenience and health benefits aside, one could have smoothies only because they taste so great! I have tried so many different combinations of fruits and vegetables to create smoothies that it’s hard to count. No doubt, some experiments didn’t turn out so well and tasted horrible but most of them tasted wonderful. If you’re not so fond of experimenting, you could try out the millions of recipes on the internet and explore new flavors.

Rich in nutrients:

A smoothie gives us our required share of nutrients from the fruits and vegetables that we add to it. It’s really hard to consume the same amount of fruits and vegetables if we were to eat them raw. Let’s be honest, I’m not so fond of fruits and vegetables and neither are most of you. But when you transform these fruits and veggies into a smoothie, we all just love it! What I mean is, smoothie is an easy way to live healthy.

Quick to consume and digest:

While most of the other foods require you to sit down and give it at least a few minutes to eat, smoothie is something you can gulp down your throat in less than a minute if you’re pressed for time. If, however, you have time to spare, I would suggest taking time to enjoy such a delicious drink by drinking it slowly. Not only can you prepare and consume it quickly, but your system will also be able to digest it quickly. Since your best smoothie blender does the hard part for your digestive system by ‘chewing’ the food and the fruits and vegetables you add to the drink are rich in dietary fibers, your digestive system won’t have to work too hard in digesting it.

Weight loss:

Many people also take it up as a diet for weight loss. In a glass of smoothie, you get all the necessary nutrients without adding to your calorie consumption. Most diet plans involve replacing one or two of your meals per day with a healthy glass of smoothie. It’s a wholesome meal to keep your tummy full and satisfied for a long time without the additional calories.

Homemade smoothies are the best. Smoothies from the stores cannot beat the taste and the amount of nutrients that the homemade ones provide.

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