Which Type of Juicer You Should Get: Centrifugal or Cold Pressed

If you have been researching about the latest juicers because you are planning to buy one, you must have come across two very prominent names: centrifugal juicers and cold press juicers. Although both type of juicers are a good investment on your health and create delicious, healthy, homemade juices, there is much difference in their mechanism and the quality of the juice that they create. Before deciding which of the two types of juicers to select for yourself, you will need to take a deeper look at their differences. Here are some of the major differences between the two types of juicers:

Centrifugal Juice Extractor:

These are the traditional types of juicers and more affordable than the cold press juicers. The basic mechanism in centrifugal juicers is the same. It involves a metal blade spinning at high speed against a mesh. This mechanism breaks down the fruit separating the juice from the pulp. The pulp and the juice then get collected in separate containers so that the juice may be consumed and the pulp may be discarded. Although these juicers are much cheaper and also faster in extracting juice than the cold press varieties, the problem with them is that the blades that are spinning at high speeds generate heat which oxidizes some of the nutrients in the drink making it less nutritious than the one created by the cold press method. Also, they only work well for a small range of ingredients. Leafy greens do not work so well with these types of juicers.

Cold Press Juicers (or Masticating Juicers):

These are the newer varieties of juicers which have quickly gained popularity which most of the health conscious families are turning to instead of the traditional centrifugal juicers. Instead of using spinning blades as was the case with centrifugal juicers, these varieties first crush the fruits and vegetables and then press them to extract the juice. Juice extracted in this way is better in quality to the one extracted through the centrifugal juicer since the amount of heat produced is much smaller and thus most of the nutrients in the raw ingredients survive and get transferred into the drink. For further information: check out best cold press juicer reviews 2019 (Updated).

Another advantage these juicers have over the other variety is that they can work with a larger variety of ingredients. For example with a cold press juicer you can also add green vegetables to make your juice even more nutritious. Centrifugal juicers, however, do not process leafy greens so well.  The only problem with these juicers in comparison to the traditional varieties is that they cost much higher and they are also much slower. However, if you put health above everything else, cold press juicers are undoubtedly the winners!

With this information you will easily be able to decide which tool you prefer best to meet your juicing requirements. One thing that is for sure is that both the juicers help you lead a healthier life.

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